MUAgrapher Workshop Photos

Three talented make-up artists/photographers teamed up for the MUAgrapher Experience Workshop on January 15th, 2018. Danessa Myricks, Roque Cozzette, and Fidel Gonzalez captivated the audience with a mix of education & advice in business, makeup, photography, and life. The artists were gracious enough to share photos from the workshop, and along with products used. Danessa Myricks wanted to express her gratitude to all of the attendees — “Thank you for sharing this co-creative experience with us. Our wish is that this class has inspired you to trust in your ability to create and capture your work and share it more often. We also hope that this experience has open your minds and hearts to the idea of co-creating with other like minded artists”.

Danessa Myricks

Roque Cozzette

Fidel Gonzalez

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