We Got That New New NEW Mascara

We’re all on the hunt for our holy grail mascara, am I right? I’ve been searching my whole life for a formula that gives me non-clumpy volume while holding a curl, and won’t smudge or transfer under my eyes. It seems like a simple enough mission, but I’ve tried and thrown away countless sad, disappointing tubes of crushed dreams.

On the innovation team, we’ve been testing countless formulas, brushes, and tubes to create our next-gen mascaras that do it all. This month, we released 3 new formulas that we can’t stop talking about. Our store associates sing their praises, and from what we hear from you so far, you guys love them, too!

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to our 3 new friends, and help guide you to your mascara soul mate. Oh, and by the way, they’re all only $5-6. Yeah, we got you. Ain’t nobody got time for $30 mascara! We have rent to pay!

For the volume qween, Plump It Up ($5) is your mascara match. This light, moussey formula builds effortlessly on the lashes for layers of high-impact, clump-free volume. The fluffy brush has the perfect amount of spacing between the bristles to deposit just the right amount of formula. The result is thick, plump lashes that won’t flake or smudge. BOOM.

If your lashes look like they’re frowning (can relate) Keep Your Curl Mascara ($5) is for you! This mascara wand has a gentle curve that’s designed to hug and lift each lash for maximum curl. The blackest black formula coats the lashes for buildable volume, and a defined, separated look. Plus, it’s enriched with Vitamin E for conditioning benefits on the daily.

Finally, introducing our last and most unique addition, Smudge Proof Mascara ($6). This dual-ended mascara is equipped with a larger bristle brush for your upper lashes, and a small, precision brush for your lower lashes and inner corners. The Japanese-inspired formula coats the lashes in flake-proof tubes for natural-looking definition that won’t smudge (duh) or transfer. This is perfect for the active or natural beauty who wants to enhance what she’s already got- isn’t that all of us?

We can’t wait for you to meet our new mascaras! Let us know what you think in the comments below, or drop a review on our website! We’re always listening- always. #notnotcreepy

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