Getting A Haircut in Paris: My Experience

Hello loves, how are you guys doing? I have some very.. like some really amazing news on the way..that’s one of the reason why I was MIA for the past few days. But have patience with me, I am working on a detailed review of some high-end designer products. You can try to guess this designer brand in the comment section! And if you guessed it right, then I might have something special for you *wink*.

With that being said, let’s talk about the main topic of this blog post. So, if you guys follow me on Instagram then you might have already seen my new makeover. I wanted to get a fun haircut like a look that screams ‘Hello Summer!’. And if I am being honest, the whole lockdown 2 and lockdown 3 in Paris was a bit tough on me just like others.

That’s why I started doing my research to find some of the best hair salons and hairdressers in Paris. The thing is I am an expat and I am not fluent in French yet. So, this quest of finding the best hair stylist in Paris became a little more complicated. But that’s how it is for us expats.

After scrolling through multiple Instagram salon profiles and scanning google reviews. I zeroed in my search to Salon Saravy and went on to their official website to book a reservation. It’s easy to navigate through the website and with prices and everything already mentioned in the menu, I sort of knew what to expect.

In addition to this, what I liked the most is the freedom to select your own hair stylist which is something that I haven’t seen on other hair salon websites yet. I was extremely lucky to book an hair appointment with the extremely talented Anestis Galenteridis.

Anestis was very patient with me during the entire time, he listened to me intently about the look that I was going for and further made suggestions to enhance it. I have already included the ‘after the haircut’ video clip and so far I have received so many compliments on my new makeover. And it’s not even about the compliments anymore because I myself am enjoying this haircut a little too much.

One thing, I feel like I should mention here is this is my personal experience with Saravy Salon in Paris and I am not being paid to write this article. I wanted to write this article because when I was doing my research on finding the best hair salons in Paris, there weren’t any blogs that I could find.

This is what motivated me to write down my haircut experience in Paris and sharing another part of my life here in France as an expat. I really hope this blog post can help you by giving some guidance on where to get a new makeover in Paris. The ambience of the salon was chic and so Instagram worthy, I wish I had taken more pictures, to be honest.

Also, in order to help you out even further I have added all the useful links related to Saravy Salon in Paris along with the Instagram profile of my hairstylist Anestis. Any in case if you still have any questions, feel free to ask I would love to answer.

Thank you so much for reading everyone!

P.s: I would love to know your thoughts on my new haircut!

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