Q+A with RCMA: The New Liquid Foundation & Liquid Concealer

What shades should I add to my kit?

Ready to try the new formula but aren’t sure where to start? We recommend starting with the N Series and picking up a few shades. Start with the lightest shade that you feel matches your client base and grab a few more shades (skip two or three shades in between) so you have a wide range of shades to play with. The N Series is neutral, so use your Foundation Adjuster Palette to adjust the foundation to match your clients. After using it for several jobs, if you notice you are using the yellow adjuster frequently, you should add some shades from the G Series. If you are reaching for the red adjuster, add a few shades from the P Series to your kit, as it has the peachy and coral undertones you have been mixing.

How are the new Premiere Powders different than the Original No Color Powder and other RCMA Powders?

The new Premiere Powders offer three new shades and an updated formulation of No Color Powder. Amethyst is lightly tinted violet to provide a brightening effect for all skin tones, Amber adds a light tint of warmth for light to medium complexions, and Topaz has a slight warm brown tint that will add warmth for complexions ranging from medium to the richest deep shades. The powder is very finely milled and provides a blurring effect that helps smooth light imperfections, and it can be used numerous times throughout the day for touchups. The original powders are best used when makeup is first applied to set and perfect.

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